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In an effort to improve water management in the Kelantan region, the state government has decided to privatize the process through the establishment of a joint venture company called Kelantan Water Sdn Bhd (KWSB).

This company is owned by Yayasan Kelantan Darul Naim (YAKIN) and Thames Water PLC, with YAKIN holding a 30% share and Thames Water holding a 70% share. KWSB took over the management of water supply, treatment, and distribution in 1995, and is also responsible for billing and revenue collection.

In 1999, the Kelantan State Government purchased all of Thames Water’s shares in KWSB, making YAKIN the majority shareholder.

The company was then renamed Air Kelantan Sdn. Bhd (AKSB) and was restructured in 2007, with Kelantan Utilities Mubaarakan Holdings Sdn Bhd (KUM) serving as the parent company. KUM is a subsidiary of the Kelantan Chief Minister’s Corporation (PMBK).

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