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Lebuhraya Kajang Seremban (LEKAS) is a 44.3 km highway that connects Kajang and Seremban in Malaysia. It was awarded to LEKAS in 2006 and is operated by IJM Corporation Berhad and KASEH Sdn Bhd. LEKAS is divided into two sections: a close toll system between Kajang and Setul, and an open toll system between Setul and Paroi.

It features three mainline toll plazas and three off ramp toll plazas. The highway is designed to provide a faster and more convenient route between Kuala Lumpur Eastern Sector and the center of Seremban, passing through several developed areas along the way.

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1 thought on “Lebuhraya Kajang Seremban Contact”

  1. I use your highway from Ecohill to Kajang everyday for work. Lately, the highway is slow moving and congested during rush hour due to slow moving big trucks that crawls up the hill right after the Semenyih toll. This slows down all vehicles hence causes congestion. I suggest that these big trucks be allowed on to the highway after 9am. This will ease rush hour traffic.


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