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The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) was a government agency in Malaysia responsible for regulating and enforcing rules for land-based public and freight transport. In 2018, it was dissolved and replaced by the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD), which is now a part of the Ministry of Transport.

SPAD Hotline / Call Center:

Here are the call centre SPAD malaysia:

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3 thoughts on “SPAD Contact”

  1. I was used the bus 201 from penang hill to little india for 2 tickets, I gave the driver 20 rm and he refuse to gave us the change 16 rm. Disappointed transportation ever for foreigner.

    Masa 10.52.33
    AUTH 5512
    TICKET No. 00346230617105232607 – 606

  2. Bus Mayang sari express. JRQ8100. Memandu secara laju dan membahaya di PLUS highway dekat area senawang pada 21/8/23 kira kira jam 12:45pagi. Mohon di ambil tindakkan

  3. Bus Quick Liner Express.
    Memandu secara bahaya. Road bullying. Saya dihimpit hampir ke divider. Kemudian driver bus menunjukkan isyarat lucah/kesat.
    Di kawasan simpang renggam menghala ke Kuala Lumpur pada 12/09/2023, dalam 12.30 tengah hari. Mohon diambil tindakan. Merbahayakan pemandu lain.


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