Toyota Customer Service

Toyota is a leading car manufacturer based in Japan. The company was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda and is known for producing a large number of vehicles annually. Toyota is recognized as one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

Toyota Hotline / Call Center:

Here are the call centre Toyota malaysia:

Toyota Social Media:

Here are the social media account for Toyota:

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7 thoughts on “Toyota Customer Service”

  1. 3nd claim 2nd claim get second hand. Toyota Malaysia is slow to action warranty claim kualiti barang yang teruk sekarang.speakrr pun slow tak berkualiti . alasan demi alasan. Beli kereta mahal kualiti sangat yg VC teruklhk

  2. Very poor car service at Toyota Prai. Sadly today appointment at 9.30 but 1.00 p.m my car still not pick up at the parking bay. So many excuses.

  3. Kereta saya sudah sebulan lebih dekat pusat servic termeloh janji 2 minggu siap pastj minta tambah seminggu pastu tambah seminggu ari ni saya call dia orang cakap x pasti bile boleh siap.. 😡😡😡😡🤬

  4. Star service after sale konon tapi service kelaut mati agaknya.apoiment jam 9.30 sampai sekarang kereta belum masuk q.please la toyota malaysia musim cuti bukan alasan kurang staff.musim cuti inilah customer ramai.

  5. Toyota service in Malaysia is pretty poor and even worst! Spare parts claiming didn’t provide any updates and feedback for more than 2 weeks. Service staff didn’t follow up and help arrange.
    What is the point for claim? What is the point for us to check up there?
    What is the responsibility from Toyota if we as a consumer have to take risk with the incomplete serviced car?????


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