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5 Ways to Change Your Google Meet Background

If you’re tired of the same old background in your Google Meet video calls and want to add some variety and fun to your online meetings in Malaysia, you’re in luck! Google Meet offers several ways to change your background, allowing you to personalize your video calls and keep things interesting. In this guide, we’ll explore five different methods for changing your Google Meet background in Malaysia.

Why Change Your Google Meet Background?

Changing your Google Meet background can serve various purposes:

  • Privacy: You can hide your actual surroundings and maintain your privacy during video calls.
  • Professionalism: Choose a professional background to enhance your image during work-related meetings.
  • Engagement: Fun or themed backgrounds can make meetings more engaging and enjoyable.
  • Variety: Avoid monotony by switching up your background for different occasions or moods.

Now, let’s dive into the five methods for changing your Google Meet background.

Method 1: Built-in Backgrounds in Google Meet

Google Meet offers a selection of built-in backgrounds that you can use during your video calls. Here’s how to access and change your background within Google Meet:

  1. Start or join a Google Meet meeting.
  2. Before joining the meeting, you’ll see the option to “Change background.” Click on it.
  3. A sidebar will appear on the right with various background options. Choose one that suits your preference or purpose.
  4. Click “Apply” to set the selected background as your backdrop.
  5. Join the meeting, and your new background will be visible to others.

Method 2: Blur Your Background in Google Meet

If you’d like to blur your actual background while keeping yourself in focus, you can use the background blur feature in Google Meet:

  1. Join a Google Meet meeting.
  2. Before joining, click on “Change background.”
  3. In the background options, you’ll see “Slightly blur background” and “Blur background.” Select one of these options to apply a blur effect to your background.
  4. Click “Apply” to confirm your choice.
  5. Proceed to join the meeting with the blurred background.

Method 3: Use Virtual Backgrounds with Chroma Key

To use custom virtual backgrounds of your choice in Google Meet, you can employ the chroma key technique. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Set up a green screen behind you. This can be a green screen fabric or even a plain green wall.
  2. Join a Google Meet meeting.
  3. Click on “Change background” before joining.
  4. In the background options, select the “Blur background” option to enable the chroma key feature.
  5. After enabling the feature, Google Meet will prompt you to upload an image as your background. Choose an image, preferably one with a green screen background.
  6. Click “Apply” to set the custom background.
  7. Join the meeting, and your selected custom background will replace the green screen.

This method allows you to use any image or video as your background, giving you complete customization control.

Method 4: Use Google Meet Background Effects with an Extension

Extensions like “Visual Effects for Google Meet” provide additional background effects and customization options. Here’s how to use this extension:

  1. Install the “Visual Effects for Google Meet” extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Start or join a Google Meet meeting in Google Chrome.
  3. Click on the extension icon in the Chrome toolbar.
  4. Choose from a variety of effects, including backgrounds, overlays, and more.
  5. Customize the effect settings to your liking.
  6. Click “Apply” to enable the selected effect.
  7. Join the meeting with your chosen background effect.

This extension offers creative and fun background options beyond what Google Meet provides by default.

Method 5: Use Virtual Camera Software

You can use virtual camera software like OBS Studio, ManyCam, or Snap Camera to change your Google Meet background. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Download and install virtual camera software of your choice.
  2. Set up your virtual camera to use a custom background or effects.
  3. Open Google Meet and join a meeting.
  4. In Google Meet’s settings, select the virtual camera as your video source.
  5. Your chosen virtual background or effects will be applied during the meeting.

These software options offer advanced features and extensive customization for your background and video.


Changing your Google Meet background in Malaysia is easy and offers an opportunity to add personality and creativity to your video calls. You can select from built-in backgrounds, blur your background, use chroma key with a green screen, employ extensions for additional effects, or utilize virtual camera software for maximum customization. Experiment with different backgrounds to find the one that best suits your needs and style.

We hope this guide has helped you explore the various ways to change your Google Meet background in Malaysia. Enjoy your enhanced video call experiences!






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