5 Ways to Share Celcom Credit in Malaysia

If you are a Celcom prepaid user, you might want to know how to share your credit with other users. This service is very convenient for customers who are in an emergency and cannot buy top-up credit immediately. You can transfer credit to your friends, parents, or children as a form of your attention.

Celcom allows users to transfer credit or ‘credit transfer’ to other users who use Celcom services. Celcom does not allow users to transfer credit to other telecommunications networks such as Maxis, Digi, Umobile, or other telecommunications companies. Credit transfer is only allowed within the Celcom network only.

Please note that a credit transfer fee will be charged for each transaction. The amount of the fee may vary depending on the amount of credit transferred. You can get more information about the credit transfer fee and other terms from Celcom.

Terms and conditions

  • Customers must be in Malaysia when sharing.
  • New customers have been customers for more than 1 month and spend RM10 credit before qualifying for Celcom Credit Share service.
  • You have a minimum credit balance of RM2 to use Celcom Credit after sharing.
  • For example, if you have RM10, then after sharing, the credit balance must be at least RM2.
  • If the share is successful, the transferor will be charged 50 sen, and the requestor will be charged 20 sen, and the recipient will not be charged.
  • The fee is automatically deducted from your credit balance.
  • Customers in the grace period or inactive for 50 days or without Celcom credit balance can still receive credit transfers.
  • Maximum transfer RM25.

How to share Celcom credit

You can share Celcom credit through the following methods:

1. Share Celcom Credit via USSD Dial

  • Type on your phone screen on the dial menu: *365*3# then dial, select 1 transfer credit and 2 to request credit. Enter the amount of credit to share.

2. Share Celcom Credit via SMS

  • Type RM<amount> then send to <mobile number>, for example, RM10 send to 10197889356.

3. Request Credit

  • Type JRQ RM<amount> send to <mobile number>, for example, JRQ RM10 send to 10197889356.

4. Share credit above RM10

  • If you want to share credit between RM11 and RM25, register first by typing: CAT <space>6 Character Password <space> Mother's name send to 1019.
  • Then do the Celcom credit transfer:
  • Type RM<amount> send to <mobile number>, for example, RM25 send to 10197889356.

5. Share Via Celcom Life

You can also use the Celcom Life app to transfer credit. Download the Celcom Life app from Google Play Store or App Store, log in to your account. Select the ‘Transfer Credit’ menu and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the transaction.

Active period of credit for recipient:

  • Credit Amount | Valid for
  • RM1.00 – RM2.00 | 1 day
  • RM3.00 – RM25.00 | 3 days

Latest news related to Celcom Credit Share

According to The Star, Celcom has launched a new prepaid plan called Xpax Truly Unlimited that offers unlimited data and calls for RM12 per week or RM35 per month.

The plan also comes with free 1GB hotspot quota per day, free basic Internet at 64kbps, and free unlimited access to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Twitter.

Celcom chief executive officer Idham Nawawi said the plan was designed to cater to the needs of prepaid customers who want hassle-free connectivity without worrying about running out of data or credit.

“We understand that our customers are always on the lookout for the best value offerings that suit their digital lifestyle needs. With Xpax Truly Unlimited, we are giving them exactly what they want – unlimited Internet and calls anytime, anywhere,” he said in a statement.

Customers who sign up for Xpax Truly Unlimited can also enjoy additional benefits such as free Covid-19 insurance coverage for three months, free GoInsure 3 personal accident coverage for one month, and access to various rewards and deals via the Celcom Life app.

To subscribe to Xpax Truly Unlimited, customers can dial *118# or use the Celcom Life app. Existing Xpax customers can also switch to the new plan via the same channels.

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