Budget-Friendly 5G: CelcomDigi Launches RM25 Prepaid Plans!

In an era where speed and connectivity are paramount, CelcomDigi is setting a new standard with the launch of its latest 5G prepaid plans, starting as low as RM25 per month.

Beginning March 1st, 2024, these plans are not just pocket-friendly but also pack a punch in terms of data quotas and internet speeds.

Edisi Biru and Edisi Kuning: A Tale of Two Speeds

The new offerings are a duo of dynamism: the Edisi Biru and Edisi Kuning. The Edisi Biru is the go-to for those who prioritize unlimited internet access.

At RM25, users receive 15GB of high-speed 5G/4G data, and once that’s up, the unlimited internet kicks in at a comfortable 1Mbps. If you’re hungrier for data, RM39 a month gets you 55GB at 100Mbps and a post-quota unlimited speed of 3Mbps.

Edisi Kuning, on the other hand, is for the data devourers. Starting at RM25 a month, you get 30GB of high-speed 5G/4G data, and for RM39, that leaps to a whopping 75GB. Both plans boast speeds of up to 100Mbps, a 6GB hotspot, and unlimited calls to all networks.

Streaming Specials: Viu and iQIYI Bundles

celcom digi prepaid internet tapa had 5g streaming
celcom digi prepaid internet tapa had 5g streaming

For drama and TV show aficionados, CelcomDigi offers the Edisi Biru with streaming passes. The RM39/month plan can be bundled with either a Viu or iQIYI subscription at RM44 and RM47 respectively. This way, customers get not just extensive data and unlimited calls but also premium content at their fingertips.

One-Time Passes: Internet Flexibility

celcom digi prepaid internet one time pass 5g
celcom digi prepaid internet one time pass 5g

With an understanding of varied customer needs, CelcomDigi introduces one-time internet passes. For as low as RM1, users can enjoy an hour of unlimited high-speed internet, with other options spanning up to 20GB for a week. These can be purchased through the Celcom Life or MyDigi apps.

Introductory Bonanza: Extra Data and Hotspot Quotas

celcom digi prepaid internet pantas 5g
celcom digi prepaid internet pantas 5g

Embracing the new with gusto, CelcomDigi has laid out a red carpet of introductory offers valid from March 1st to June 30th, 2024.

New Edisi Biru RM39/month users can revel in an extra 10GB of high-speed data and a fivefold increase in hotspot quota. Edisi Kuning users are equally pampered with similar data delights.

Legacy Plans: The Choice is Yours

And for those on legacy Celcom and Digi prepaid plans, the power of choice remains. Stick with the familiarity of old plans, or leap into the 5G future with CelcomDigi’s latest.

Conclusion: A 5G Future Accessible to All

CelcomDigi’s new prepaid plans are more than just numbers and speeds; they are a testament to the telco’s commitment to making the 5G experience accessible and affordable for all Malaysians.

With plans that cater to every type of user, CelcomDigi is ensuring that the 5G wave is ridden with value, choice, and flexibility.

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