CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G Plans: Ultimate Connectivity from RM70 Onwards

CelcomDigi is redefining the digital landscape with its latest offering – the CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G plan. This innovative plan promises to bring a seamless blend of speed, connectivity, and unrivaled benefits, making it an ideal choice for individuals and families alike.

The core of the CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G plan is its unlimited 5G and 4G internet access, ensuring users are always connected with the fastest speeds available. In addition to this, the plan boasts significant savings with 50% off on Family Lines and Gadget SIM, and unlimited 5G roaming worldwide. To sweeten the deal, subscribers are treated to free 5G phones and a complimentary 300Mbps fibre connection.

CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G Plans

Plan NameOriginal PriceOffer PriceInternetHotspotAdditional Benefits
Postpaid 5G 80RM80RM70*90GBFree 6-mths 300 Mbps fibre, Free 5G Phones, RM10 rebate with Freedom Add-Ons
Postpaid 5G 100RM100RM90*150GBFree 6-mths 300 Mbps fibre, 5G Phones from RM40/mth, RM10 rebate with Freedom Add-Ons
Postpaid 5G 120RM120RM110*Unlimited20GB50% OFF Roaming pass, Free 6-mths 300 Mbps fibre, 5G Phones from RM30/mth, RM10 rebate with Freedom Add-Ons
Postpaid 5G 140RM140RM130*Unlimited100GB50% OFF Roaming pass, Free 6-mths 300 Mbps fibre, 5G Phones from RM20/mth, RM10 rebate with Freedom Add-Ons
Postpaid 5G 160RM160RM150*Unlimited300GB50% OFF Family or Gadget SIM, 50% OFF Roaming pass, Free 6-mths 300 Mbps fibre, 5G Phones from RM10/mth, RM10 rebate with Freedom Add-Ons
Postpaid 5G 260RM260RM250*UnlimitedUnlimitedRM50/mth lifetime rebate, 50% OFF Family or Gadget SIM, 50% OFF Roaming pass, Free 300 Mbps fibre, 5G Phones from RM1/mth, RM10 rebate with Freedom Add-Ons

* Prices and benefits are subject to change. Please visit the official CelcomDigi website for the latest information.

For those seeking variety, CelcomDigi offers a range of plans starting from RM70 to RM150 per month, each tailored to different user needs. These plans include varying data limits, discounts on family lines, free fibre for six months, and attractive rebates with Freedom Add-Ons. Additionally, they offer either free or heavily discounted latest 5G phones, ensuring that subscribers are always at the cutting edge of technology.

Understanding the dynamics of contract commitments, CelcomDigi has made provisions for existing customers. Those upgrading to a plan with a higher monthly commitment can transition seamlessly without incurring any penalties. However, it’s important to note that the data quota from the principal line cannot be shared with supplementary lines.

An exciting feature of the new plans is the Freedom Add-Ons. Subscribers can enjoy a RM10 rebate on their monthly commitment for 12 months by subscribing to these Add-Ons under a 12-month contract.

Moreover, CelcomDigi introduces the Pakej MegaJimat, which allows customers to get the latest 5G phones with an additional RM10 monthly rebate. This package includes popular models like the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and Vivo Y27 5G, among others. While an upfront payment may be required, it is refundable over the contract tenure.

Pakej MegaJimat Options

Device ModelRRPOffer Price with Pakej MegaJimat
Samsung Galaxy A15 5GRM1,199FREE
ZTE Blade A73 5GRM749FREE
Vivo Y27 5GRM899FREE
Honor 90 Lite 5GRM1,099RM49
Redmi 12 5GRM1,099RM49
Oppo A79 5GRM1,199RM199

Benefits of Pakej MegaJimat:

  • Enjoy an extra RM10 monthly rebate with Pakej MegaJimat contract.
  • Contract tenure options starting from 12 months.
  • Original devices come with a 12-month warranty.
  • Free 5G Phones available with certain plans.

Note: Device upfront payment may be applicable depending on customer eligibility. Prices and offers are subject to change.

Subscribers interested in these revolutionary plans can sign up at any Digi Store or Celcom Bluecube nationwide. However, those shifting from a higher to a lower monthly commitment plan should be aware of the potential early termination charges as per their contract.

In conclusion, the CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G plan is not just a mobile plan; it’s a gateway to a future-proof digital lifestyle. With its diverse offerings, substantial savings, and cutting-edge technology, CelcomDigi is poised to lead the charge in the 5G revolution.

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