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Corsair K70 CORE: The New Gaming Keyboard with MLX Red Switches

If you are looking for a new gaming keyboard that offers smooth, responsive, and quiet performance, you might want to check out the Corsair K70 CORE.

This is the latest addition to the Corsair K70 series, which features the brand’s new MLX Red linear mechanical switches. The K70 CORE also has a sleek design, a multi-function rotary dial, and customizable RGB lighting.

What are MLX Red switches?

The MLX Red switches are a Corsair invention that are made to provide incredibly sensitive and fluid keypresses. They have two layers of sound-dampening foam and are pre-lubricated to reduce friction and eliminate pings and clacks. In order to reduce stem wobbling and increase stability and accuracy, they also have a tight construction.

For gamers who prefer linear switches—which have neither a tactile bump nor an audible click—MLX Red switches are the best option. You can push them more quickly and effortlessly because of their modest 45g actuation force and 3.5mm travel distance. Additionally, they last 100 million keystrokes, which is twice as long as conventional Cherry MX switches.

What are the other features of the K70 CORE?

The full-sized layout of the K70 CORE includes a number pad, media keys, and a Windows lock key. It boasts double-shot keycaps that withstand fading and wear, as well as a sturdy aluminum top plate. Additionally, you can configure the per-key RGB backlighting with the Corsair iCUE software. Additionally, you may remap keys, program macros, and sync lighting effects with other Corsair devices via iCUE.

The multi-function rotary dial in the top right corner of the K70 CORE is one of its distinctive features. This dial allows you to change the scroll speed, zoom level, RGB brightness, volume, and brightness. With iCUE, you may also assign it other duties. Metal construction and a tactile surface make the dial easy to hold.

Additionally, the K70 CORE offers an optional magnetic soft-touch palm rest that supports and comforts your wrists. The palm rest has a rubberized surface that avoids slippage and attaches quickly to the keyboard.

How much is the K70 CORE and where can I buy it?

The K70 CORE is available now from the Corsair website and its authorized online retailers and distributors. In Malaysia, the keyboard is priced at RM499, which is quite affordable for a premium gaming keyboard. It also comes with a two-year warranty and Corsair’s worldwide customer service and technical support network.

If you are interested in buying the K70 CORE, you can visit the official product page here:


The Corsair K70 CORE is a great gaming keyboard that offers smooth, responsive, and quiet performance with its MLX Red switches. It also has a sleek design, a multi-function rotary dial, and customizable RGB lighting. If you are looking for a new gaming keyboard that won’t break your bank, you might want to give the K70 CORE a try.

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