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DBKL has a number of departments and divisions that handle specific areas of responsibility, including:

  • Engineering Department: responsible for the maintenance and repair of city infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and public buildings.
  • Environmental Department: responsible for environmental protection and control, including waste management and disposal, air and water quality management, and conservation of natural resources.
  • Health Department: responsible for public health and sanitation, including the control of diseases, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and provision of health care services.
  • Planning Department: responsible for urban planning and development, including land use planning, building control, and transportation planning.
  • Social Department: responsible for economic and social development, including the promotion of small businesses, job creation, and social welfare programs.

DBKL also provides a range of public services to citizens, including the issuance of birth, death, and marriage certificates, issuance of business licenses, and the management of public parks and recreational facilities.

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