YesCare (Yes Customer Service)

YTL Communications was the first mobile network operator in Malaysia to offer a 4G network, and it has since expanded to offer 4G LTE and 5G coverage in major cities and towns across the country.

The company aims to provide affordable and high-quality mobile connectivity to consumers and businesses in Malaysia, offering a range of mobile plans and packages to suit different needs.

In addition to its mobile services, YTL Communications also offers broadband and fixed-line services, as well as corporate solutions such as enterprise data connectivity and cloud solutions. Overall, YTL Communications aims to be a leading provider of digital connectivity and communication solutions in Malaysia and beyond.

Yes Hotline / Call Centre:

Here are the call center Yes malaysia:

Waktu operasi YesCare: 8 pagi-11 malam setiap hari (termasuk hujung minggu dan Cuti Umum).

Celcom Social Media:

Here are the social media account for Celcom Malaysia:

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  1. Akaun terdahulu 837530042 Masih ada tunggakan? (RM 57.00). Yg ni saya telah cancel. Sudah tentu perlu settle Sebelum buka akaun baru. No Yes yg baru: 018-6464332.


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