How to Check the Latest Plate Number in Malaysia

Planning to buy a new vehicle in Malaysia? Want to know the latest plate number available? Discover how to check the most recent plate numbers issued by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) using different methods. We’ll also explain the significance of plate numbers and how to bid for special or attractive ones.

What’s a Plate Number and Why Is It Important?

A plate number, or vehicle registration number, is a unique identifier assigned to every vehicle in Malaysia by the JPJ. It helps identify vehicle owners, track road tax and insurance status, enforce traffic laws, and prevent theft and fraud.

How to Check the Latest Plate Number in Malaysia

Here are three methods to check the latest plate number in Malaysia:

Method 1: Visit the JPJ Website

Visit the official JPJ website here and find the “JPJ Latest Number Plate Updates” section on the homepage. It provides updated plate numbers for various states in Malaysia, including Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan. This information is refreshed daily at 5:03 pm.

Method 2: Visit Other Websites

Several websites offer information on the latest plate numbers in Malaysia, though they may not be as accurate as the JPJ website. Some examples include Carlist, Motor Trader, and MyCarInfo.

Method 3: Contact a JPJ Office

Call or visit a nearby JPJ office. Find contact details and addresses for JPJ offices across Malaysia here. JPJ staff can provide the latest plate numbers and assist with new registrations or transfers.

Plate Number Categories in Malaysia

Plate numbers in Malaysia fall into different categories:

  • Normal Plate Numbers: Sequentially issued by JPJ for most vehicles. For example, B1234.
  • Running Plate Numbers: Ongoing sequential numbers available for registration, with a higher demand and cost than normal plate numbers.
  • Special Plate Numbers: Issued for occasions like national celebrations, often with unique prefixes or suffixes (e.g., M_1234_M).
  • Attractive Plate Numbers: Hold personal, religious, cultural, or historical significance for owners.
  • Golden Plate Numbers: Prestigious, unique, and expensive, often featuring one letter followed by digits (e.g., A1).

Bidding for Special or Attractive Plate Numbers

To bid for special or attractive plate numbers:

  1. Check Availability: Visit the JPJ website and view the plate number series open for bidding.
  2. Register as a Bidder: Sign up on the JPJ website, providing personal information and paying a registration fee.
  3. Place Your Bid: Log in, select a series, enter your desired plate number and bid amount. You can place multiple bids within the same series.
  4. Wait for Results: Results are posted on the JPJ website within seven working days after bidding closes.
  5. Payment and Documentation: If you win, pay the full amount within 12 working days, submit vehicle registration documents and proof of payment to JPJ, and collect your new plate number.

Remember, a unique plate number is a great addition, but safe and responsible driving remains paramount on the road.

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