How to Get the New Apple Pencil with USB-C Charging in Malaysia

The well-liked Apple Pencil recently received an update that adds support for USB-C charging and pairing. Accordingly, you can easily charge your Apple Pencil with the same cable that you use to charge your iPad or any other USB-C device. Simply inserting your Apple Pencil into the USB-C port will allow you to pair it with your iPad.

The USB-C port on the new Apple Pencil is accessible when needed thanks to a sliding cap design. Additionally, it is a sleek white color with a matte texture. All USB-C iPad models, including the most recent iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad 10th generation, are compatible with it.

The new Apple Pencil is ideal for taking notes, drawing, journaling, annotating documents, and more. It offers tilt sensitivity, low latency, and pixel-perfect precision. Consequently, using it is just like using a pencil.

How Much Does It Cost?

On the official Apple website, the new Apple Pencil with USB-C charging is available for RM 399.00. The older Apple Pencil (2nd generation), which costs RM 549.00 and boasts a magnetic attachment and double-tap capability, is more expensive than this.

The first-generation Apple Pencil, which costs RM 349 and contains a Lightning connector, is still less expensive than the new Apple Pencil. Older iPad models with a Lightning port can use the original Apple Pencil.

Where Can You Buy It?

The new Apple Pencil with USB-C charging is available for purchase in Malaysia on the official Apple website or from any authorized Apple reseller. On the Apple website, however, the new Apple Pencil is not yet available for shipping or pick-up. It can take some time for it to become available once more.

You could also try purchasing it from other websites like Lazada, Shopee, or Amazon. However, additional shipping or import charges might apply. Before purchasing a product, you might also need to confirm its legitimacy and guarantee.

Why Should You Buy It?

There are some benefits to the new Apple Pencil over earlier models, including USB-C charging. The following are some arguments in favor of purchasing it:

  • Using USB-C makes it easier to charge and pair your iPad.
  • Although it offers comparable performance and features as the Apple Pencil (2nd generation), it is less expensive.
  • You may use it with many devices because it works with all iPad models that use USB-C.
  • It is a fantastic add-on for your iPad that will increase your productivity and creativity.

The new Apple Pencil with USB-C charging is a wonderful option to take into consideration if you’re searching for a stylus that integrates well with your iPad. You might not need to update to the new Apple Pencil if you currently own an earlier model that functions well with your iPad.


In the Apple ecosystem, the new Apple Pencil with USB-C charging is a nice addition. It provides a quick and stylish way to charge and link your stylus with your iPad. Additionally, it provides an accurate and fluid writing and sketching experience on the iPad screen.

The new Apple Pencil isn’t yet readily accessible in Malaysia, though. Before you can obtain it, you might have to wait for a while. Before choosing which Apple Pencil to purchase, you might also need to evaluate the features and pricing of the various models.

Visit the official Apple website or any authorized Apple dealer in Malaysia to purchase the new Apple Pencil with USB-C charging. For extra possibilities, you can also go into other web stores like Lazada, Shopee, or Amazon.

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