How to Pay Your Electricity Bills in 5 Easy Steps with CIMB Clicks

Paying your electricity bills in Malaysia has become easier than ever with CIMB Clicks, a secure and user-friendly online banking platform. CIMB Clicks allows you to conveniently settle your electricity bills from the comfort of your home or on-the-go. Here are the five easy steps to pay your electricity bills using CIMB Clicks:

Step 1: Log in to CIMB Clicks

  1. Ensure that you have an account with CIMB and have registered for CIMB Clicks. You can do this either online or at any CIMB branch.
  2. Visit the CIMB Clicks website ( or download the CIMB Clicks mobile app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei AppGallery.
  3. Enter your username and password to access your CIMB Clicks account. You can also use biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint or face recognition if your device supports them.
  4. Provide the TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code) sent to your registered mobile number or email address to verify your identity.
  5. Once verified, you’ll be logged in to CIMB Clicks.

Step 2: Select the Biller

  1. To pay your electricity bills, you need to select the relevant biller that corresponds to your electricity service provider. Different states and regions in Malaysia may have different billers.
  2. For instance, if you reside in Peninsular Malaysia, you might pay your electricity bills to TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad), while those in Sabah or Labuan may pay to SESB (Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd), and residents of Sarawak pay to SEB (Sarawak Energy Berhad).
  3. Select the appropriate biller from the list provided. You can also add the biller to your list of favorites for easier access in the future.

Step 3: Enter the Bill Account Number

  1. To proceed with your payment, you’ll need to enter your electricity bill’s account number. This unique identifier links your payment to your specific electricity account.
  2. You can typically find the account number on the upper right corner of your electricity bill or within the barcode located at the bottom of the bill.

Step 4: Enter the Payment Amount

  1. Input the total payment amount that is due for your electricity service. This amount includes the charges for your electricity consumption and any additional fees.
  2. You can typically find the payment amount on the lower right corner of your electricity bill or in the summary section of the bill.

Step 5: Confirm and Complete the Payment

  1. Before finalizing your payment, carefully review all the details on the payment page, including the biller’s name, bill account number, and payment amount. Make any necessary changes if required.
  2. To authorize the payment, you will need to enter a TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code). The TAC is sent to your registered mobile number or email address and is used to verify your identity and authorize the transaction.
  3. Enter the provided TAC within the specified time limit before it expires.
  4. After entering the TAC, click “Confirm” to complete the payment.
  5. A confirmation message will be displayed on the screen, and you will receive a receipt via SMS or email for your records.

Congratulations! You have successfully paid your electricity bills using CIMB Clicks. You can monitor your payment history and view transaction statuses through the CIMB Clicks app or website. Additionally, you can download or print your payment receipt if needed.

Tips for Saving on Your Electricity Bills

While CIMB Clicks makes paying your electricity bills convenient, there are several ways to save money on your electricity expenses:

  • Use Energy-Efficient Appliances: Opt for energy-efficient appliances, such as LED bulbs and Energy Star-rated devices, to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Unplug When Not in Use: Unplug appliances and devices when they are not in use to prevent standby power consumption.
  • Adjust Temperature Settings: Adjust the temperature settings of your air conditioner, heater, and refrigerator to conserve energy.
  • Leverage Natural Light: Use natural light during the day and minimize artificial lighting to save on electricity.
  • Explore Renewable Energy: Consider switching to renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Compare Tariffs: Compare electricity tariffs and providers in your area to find cost-effective options.

By implementing these tips, you can lower your electricity consumption and reduce your bills while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

Staying Safe from Online Scams

While CIMB Clicks provides a secure platform for online banking, it’s important to remain vigilant against online scams. Online scams are deceptive schemes designed to trick individuals into revealing personal or financial information or making fraudulent payments. Scammers employ various tactics, including phishing emails, fake websites, spoofed calls, and social media messages, to deceive individuals.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from online scams:

  • Guard Your Credentials: Never share your username, password, TAC, PIN, or OTP (One-Time Password) with anyone, even if they claim to be from CIMB or another trusted organization.
  • Beware of Phishing: Avoid clicking on links or opening attachments in suspicious emails or messages that request you to update account details or claim prizes.
  • Verify Senders: Always verify the sender’s email address, website URL, and contact details before responding to communications.
  • Use Official Channels: Access your CIMB Clicks account only through the official CIMB Clicks app or website. Avoid using public or shared devices or networks for online banking.
  • Keep Software Updated: Regularly update the CIMB Clicks app to access enhanced security features and ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Device Management: Register only one device for CIMB Clicks usage and deactivate non-primary devices from the app settings when necessary.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: Report any suspicious or fraudulent activity to CIMB’s Consumer Contact Centre at +603-6204 7788 or visit

By following these precautions, you can safeguard yourself against online scams and enjoy a secure online banking experience with CIMB Clicks.


Paying your electricity bills with CIMB Clicks is a convenient, secure, and efficient way to manage your finances. By following the provided steps, you can easily settle your electricity bills and even save money on energy consumption. Additionally, staying vigilant against online scams will help ensure the safety of your financial information and transactions. Enjoy the convenience of CIMB Clicks while practicing caution and responsible banking. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment or contact CIMB for assistance. Happy banking with CIMB Clicks!

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