how to transfer abroad through ambank amonline

How to Transfer Money Overseas with AmOnline in 5 Easy Steps

Sending money to your loved ones abroad is now easier than ever with AmOnline, the online banking platform of AmBank Malaysia. In just 5 simple steps, you can securely transfer money overseas. Here’s how:

Step 1: Log in to AmOnline

Start by logging in to your AmOnline account using your username and password. If you’re not already registered, you can sign up on the AmOnline website or app. You’ll need your AmBank debit or credit card details to complete the registration.

Step 2: Select “Transfer Overseas”

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the “Payments & Transfers” tab and choose “Transfer Overseas.” This service allows you to send money to beneficiaries worldwide in various currencies. Whether it’s for family, friends, or personal reasons, AmOnline has you covered.

Step 3: Choose Your Recipient and Currency

In this step, you’ll select your recipient and the currency for the transfer. You can choose an existing recipient or add a new one. For new recipients, enter their bank details and personal information, including name, address, phone number, and email. Specify the purpose of payment and provide any additional details or references if needed.

Next, pick the currency you want to send from the drop-down menu. You’ll see the current exchange rate and the equivalent amount in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) that will be debited from your account. Additionally, you’ll get an estimate of the amount your recipient will receive in their local currency.

Step 4: Confirm Your Transfer Details

Review all the transfer details carefully on the screen, ensuring accuracy. Take note of any applicable fees and charges, such as cable charges, processing fees, and agent fees. These fees can vary based on the destination country and the transfer amount.

If all the information is correct, proceed to authenticate the transfer using your AmSecure device or app. AmSecure is a security feature that generates a one-time password (OTP) for each transaction made on AmOnline. Enter the OTP on the screen to confirm the transfer.

Step 5: View Your Status and Receipt

After confirming your transfer, you’ll receive a status message indicating whether the transfer was successful. You can access your online receipt and even download it as a PDF file. To track your transfer’s status, visit the “History” tab and select “Transfer Overseas.”

That’s it! You’ve successfully learned how to transfer money overseas with AmOnline in just 5 easy steps. With AmOnline, you can send funds to your loved ones abroad securely and conveniently.





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