How to Transfer Money with Maybank MAE Secure2u in 5 Easy Steps

Are you searching for a secure and convenient way to transfer money using Maybank in Malaysia? Look no further than the Maybank MAE app, a mobile banking app that offers a range of features, including Scan & Pay, e-wallet capabilities, and more.

The standout feature of MAE is its integration with Secure2u, Maybank’s robust security authentication method for online transactions. Secure2u ensures that your transactions are secure, as it is tied to a single device per account, providing protection against unauthorized access and transaction approvals.

Starting from July 1, 2023, Secure2u through the MAE app will be the exclusive method for authorizing transactions made via M2U web, M2U app, MAE app, and online transactions involving Maybank cards. To enjoy these benefits, you need to download and activate the MAE app on your device.

Don’t worry; it’s a straightforward process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to transfer money using Maybank MAE Secure2u in just five easy steps.

Step 1: Download and Activate the MAE App

Begin by downloading the MAE app from either the App Store or Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, open it and select “Activate Now.” You’ll need to provide your Maybank2u username and password, then follow the on-screen instructions to activate Secure2u on your device.

During this setup, you’ll also need to establish a 6-digit PIN or set up biometric authentication (fingerprint or face recognition) for the MAE app. This PIN or biometric feature will be used to unlock the app and approve transactions via Secure2u.

Note: Secure2u can only be activated on one device per account. If you wish to switch to a different device, you must first deactivate Secure2u on your old device and then activate it on the new one. Keep in mind that there is a 12-hour activation period during which Secure2u authorization for transactions is temporarily disabled when switching to a new device.

Step 2: Log In to Your Maybank2u Account

Next, log in to your Maybank2u account either through the Maybank2u website or app. You can use the same username and password that you use for the MAE app. Once logged in, you’ll have access to all the familiar online banking features, including checking your account balance, paying bills, and, of course, transferring money.

Step 3: Select Your Transfer Option

To transfer money using Maybank MAE Secure2u, you have several options depending on your recipient and urgency:

  • For transfers to another Maybank account, you can choose between Instant Transfer or DuitNow. Instant Transfer allows for immediate, free transfers of up to RM50,000 daily. DuitNow enables instant, free transfers of up to RM5,000 daily using the recipient’s mobile number, NRIC number, or business registration number.
  • For transfers to non-Maybank accounts within Malaysia, you can utilize Interbank GIRO (IBG) or DuitNow. IBG allows for same-day or next-day transfers of up to RM50,000 daily, with fees ranging from RM0.10 to RM0.53 per transaction. DuitNow offers instant, free transfers of up to RM5,000 daily using the recipient’s mobile number, NRIC number, or business registration number.
  • For international transfers, options include Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) or Western Union. FTT allows you to send foreign currency to over 200 countries for a fee ranging from RM10 to RM100 per transaction. Western Union offers transfers in Malaysian Ringgit or US Dollar to over 200 countries within minutes, with fees ranging from RM9 to RM30 per transaction.

To select your preferred transfer method, navigate to the “Transfer” section of your Maybank2u account and choose the option that suits your needs. You’ll need to provide recipient details such as name, account number, bank name, amount, and reference. You can also save recipients as favorites for future use.

Step 4: Approve Your Transfer with Secure2u

Once you’ve entered all transfer details, you must approve the transaction using Secure2u within the MAE app. You’ll receive a notification on your MAE app, prompting you to either approve or reject the transaction. Tap the notification and use your 6-digit PIN or biometric authentication to open the app.

Review the transaction details displayed in the MAE app, including the recipient’s name, amount, and reference. Ensure the details are correct before approving or rejecting the transaction. Approval will initiate immediate processing, while rejection will cancel the transaction.

Note: You have a 60-second window to approve or reject the transaction via Secure2u. If no action is taken within this timeframe, the transaction will expire, requiring you to start over.

Step 5: Check Transfer Status and Receipt

After successfully approving the transfer with Secure2u, you can check the transfer’s status and access the receipt within your Maybank2u account. Navigate to the “History” section, select the transaction you wish to review, and view its status, which can be “Successful,” “Pending,” or “Failed.” Additionally, you can download or print the receipt for your records.

That’s it! You’ve completed a money transfer using Maybank MAE Secure2u in just five straightforward steps. Enjoy a safer and more convenient online banking experience with Maybank.


Maybank MAE Secure2u provides a secure and efficient method for transferring money online through Maybank. Offering enhanced security features, faster transaction processing, and competitive fees, it simplifies the transfer process. Plus, the MAE app opens the door to additional features like Scan & Pay, an e-wallet, budgeting tools, and more.

If you haven’t already downloaded and activated the MAE app, don’t wait—do it now and start benefiting from Maybank MAE Secure2u for your money transfers.

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