How to Become a Product Manager in the Tech Industry in Malaysia

If you’re keen on creating new and exciting products that can make a real difference in people’s daily lives, consider becoming a product manager in the tech field. As a product manager, your job is to oversee the entire journey of a product, from planning to launch, and make sure it meets the needs of customers and stakeholders.

In this article, we’ll explain the responsibilities of a product manager, their potential earnings, how to become one, and how they work with others in the tech industry. We’ll also compare the role of a product manager to that of a technical product manager, and outline the essential skills and qualifications for success in this career.

What is a product manager?

A product manager is the one who oversees the creation of software products like apps, websites, or platforms. They’re in charge of defining the product’s vision, strategy, and roadmap, and then sharing these plans with the engineering and design teams.

Additionally, they conduct market research, analyze customer feedback, prioritize features, test prototypes, and measure how well the product is doing.

Product managers work closely with different people like executives, developers, designers, marketers, salespeople, and customers. They represent the customer’s perspective and make sure the product solves their issues and provides value.

They also lead the product team, ensuring everyone is on the same page about the product’s goals and objectives.

How much does a product manager earn in Malaysia?

As of January 2024, the average monthly salary for a product manager in Malaysia, as reported on, stands at RM 6,715. However, it’s important to note that this figure can vary based on factors such as experience, education, location, company size, and industry.

If you’re looking into a more technical role, a technical product manager in Malaysia, as per data from October 2023, has an average monthly salary of RM 16,700. Technical product managers possess greater technical knowledge and skills, focusing primarily on the technical aspects of product development.

On the other hand, for those specializing in software products, the average annual salary for a software product manager in Malaysia, according to as of November 2023, is RM 104,649 per year. These professionals specialize in managing software-related products.

How to become a product manager in Malaysia?

Becoming a product manager in Malaysia doesn’t have a fixed path, but you can follow these common steps:

  1. Get a Relevant Degree: Start with a bachelor’s degree in fields like computer science, engineering, business administration, or marketing. This builds your technical and business skills crucial for product management.
  2. Tech Industry Experience: Gain work experience in the tech industry, especially in roles related to software development or design. This helps you understand how software products are created and delivered, and how to collaborate with engineers and designers.
  3. Learn Key Skills: Acquire product management skills and tools like agile methodologies, user research methods, data analysis techniques, prototyping tools, and project management skills. You can do this through online courses, certifications, reading materials, attending workshops, or joining product management communities.
  4. Build Your Portfolio: Create a portfolio showcasing your skills and achievements as a product manager. Work on side projects, participate in hackathons, volunteer for non-profits, or contribute to open-source projects. This demonstrates your capabilities.
  5. Apply for Jobs or Internships: Look for product management positions or internships at tech companies you’re interested in. Search online job boards, network with industry professionals, or reach out to recruiters and hiring managers directly.
  6. Prepare for Interviews: Before interviews, research the company and its products, review your resume and portfolio, practice your communication and presentation skills, and familiarize yourself with common product management interview questions and scenarios.

These steps will help you pursue a career as a product manager in Malaysia.

How does a product manager collaborate with others in the tech industry?

A product manager collaborates with various people in the tech industry throughout the product development process. Here are some examples of how they work with different roles:

  • Engineers: A product manager works with engineers to define the technical requirements and specifications of the product features. They also coordinate with them on the development schedule and progress, troubleshoot any issues or bugs that arise during testing or deployment, and provide feedback on their work quality and performance.
  • Designers: A product manager works with designers to create the user interface and user experience of the product. They also collaborate with them on conducting user research, creating user personas and journeys, designing wireframes and mockups, and testing prototypes and usability.
  • Marketers: A product manager works with marketers to plan and execute the product launch and marketing strategy. They also communicate with them on the value proposition and positioning of the product, the target market and customer segments, the pricing and distribution channels, and the key performance indicators and metrics.
  • Salespeople: A product manager works with salespeople to provide them with the necessary information and materials to sell the product to potential customers. They also support them on handling customer inquiries, objections, or feedback, and collecting customer testimonials or referrals.
  • Customers: A product manager works with customers to understand their needs, problems, and expectations from the product. They also interact with them on gathering feedback, validating assumptions, conducting surveys or interviews, or running beta tests or pilots.

How is a product manager different from a technical product manager or a software product manager?

A product manager is a broad term that covers various roles focused on different types of products. Here are some common distinctions:

  1. Technical Product Manager: This type of product manager possesses advanced technical knowledge and skills. They primarily concentrate on the technical aspects of product development, including architecture, design, and implementation of product features. Technical product managers collaborate closely with engineers and may have a background in engineering or computer science.
  2. Software Product Manager: This product manager specializes in software products, such as apps, websites, or platforms. They prioritize the user interface and user experience of the product and work closely with designers. Software product managers may come from backgrounds in design or marketing.

These distinctions help clarify the specific focus and expertise of product managers based on their technical acumen and the type of products they manage.


Entering the tech industry as a product manager offers a fulfilling and demanding career, blending technical and business expertise with creativity and leadership. To pursue this path, follow the steps outlined earlier to equip yourself for the role. Additionally, explore the resources provided below to deepen your understanding of product management:

  • Online courses and certifications.
  • Books and blogs dedicated to product management.
  • Workshops and industry events.
  • Networking within product management communities and networks.

By combining these steps with valuable resources, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on a successful career as a product manager in the tech industry.

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