Proton’s Electric Revolution: First EV to Launch Before 2025

As Malaysia edges closer to its 2025 vision of sustainable mobility, national carmaker Proton is gearing up to electrify the roads with its pioneering electric vehicles (EVs).

In a bold move that underscores the nation’s commitment to cleaner, greener transportation, Proton’s CEO Li Chunrong announced the imminent launch of its first EV, with a second model hot on its heels within six to eight months.

This development not only marks a significant milestone for Proton but also aligns with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s (MITI) expectations for homegrown electric mobility solutions.

R&D Innovations and Future Models

Amidst the anticipation, Proton is not resting on its laurels. Plans to establish a new R&D center in Hangzhou, China, signal the company’s dedication to innovation, focusing on the future of the Saga, Persona, and Iriz models.

Moreover, a mysterious New Energy Vehicle (NEV) is on the drawing board, promising a hybrid solution that could further diversify Proton’s eco-friendly offerings.

A Strategic Acceleration

Originally slated for a 2027 debut, Proton’s EV timeline has been expedited to meet the burgeoning demand in a rapidly maturing market.

The decision to fast-track reflects a strategic response to the evolving automotive landscape, where electric mobility is becoming increasingly paramount.

Proton’s exploration of electric technology is not new; the brand teased its capabilities with an Iriz EV prototype back in 2015. Although the project didn’t fully materialize then, it laid the groundwork for today’s electrification efforts.

Parental Support and Market Expectations

With Geely at its helm, Proton benefits from its parent company’s existing foray into the EV market, notably with models like the Geely Geometry A.

This collaboration may offer Proton a competitive edge in rolling out its EVs, possibly leveraging Geely’s established EV technologies.

The Malaysian market, currently grappling with the high costs of electric vehicles, eagerly awaits Proton’s entry. Affordable EVs from national carmakers like Proton and Perodua are seen as crucial to increasing EV adoption in the country, making sustainable mobility accessible to a broader audience.

The Road Ahead

As speculation swirls around the specifics of Proton’s upcoming EVs, including potential rebadging of Geely’s Geometry models, the automotive community watches with bated breath.

Proton’s electrification drive is not just about launching new models; it’s about paving the way for a sustainable automotive ecosystem in Malaysia.

With 2025 on the horizon, Proton is racing towards a future where electric vehicles are within reach of every Malaysian, promising an exciting chapter in the nation’s automotive history.

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