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Simplifying the Activation of DuitNow QR with Bank Islam Online in 5 Steps

DuitNow QR is a convenient and secure method for making payments and receiving funds using QR codes. It is Malaysia’s standardized QR code, compatible with various banks and e-wallets. With DuitNow QR, you can effortlessly pay at merchants or transfer money to others.

If you’re a Bank Islam customer, you can activate DuitNow QR via the GO by Bank Islam mobile banking app. Follow these five easy steps:

Step 1: Launch the GO by Bank Islam App

Open the GO app on your smartphone and tap the “Scan QR” option at the bottom.

Step 2: Register for DuitNow QR

For first-time users, initiate the registration process for DuitNow QR. Tap “Continue” and select your Bank Islam account.

Step 3: Choose Your DuitNow ID

A DuitNow ID is your unique identifier for receiving money through DuitNow QR. You can select from options like your mobile number, NRIC number, army/police number, or passport number. You can also migrate your DuitNow ID from another bank to Bank Islam.

Step 4: Confirm Your Details

Review your provided details and tap “Confirm.” You will receive a TAC code via SMS to validate your registration.

Step 5: Begin Using DuitNow QR

Congratulations! You are now ready to utilize DuitNow QR with Bank Islam. Scan any DuitNow QR code to make payments or transfer funds. Additionally, you can generate your own DuitNow QR code for others to scan when sending you money.

That concludes the activation process for DuitNow QR with Bank Islam online. Enjoy the benefits of swift, hassle-free, and secure transactions, all accomplished with just a QR code.





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