Transfer Money via DuitNow from BigPay App: 3 Simple Steps

Transferring money from your BigPay app using DuitNow in Malaysia is a straightforward process that allows you to send funds quickly and conveniently. DuitNow enables you to make instant transfers using mobile numbers, MyKad numbers, or other identification methods. In this guide, I will explain how to perform this transfer in just three easy steps:

Why Choose BigPay and DuitNow?

BigPay is a versatile mobile app that combines various financial services, including spending, sending and receiving money, travel features, remittance services, and more. It also offers the benefit of earning airasia points for transactions, making it a comprehensive financial tool.

DuitNow, on the other hand, simplifies the process of transferring money by eliminating the need to enter the recipient’s bank account details. You can use identifiers like mobile numbers, MyKad numbers, or QR codes to make instant payments or transfers, whether for everyday purchases or sending money to friends and family.

By leveraging both BigPay and DuitNow, you can enjoy seamless, secure, and convenient money transfers while also reaping rewards and cost savings.

How to Transfer Money From BigPay App Using DuitNow

You can transfer money from your BigPay app using DuitNow in two ways: by scanning a DuitNow QR code or by entering the recipient’s identification (ID). Here’s how to do it:

Method 1: Scan a DuitNow QR Code

Step 1: Open the BigPay app on your mobile device and locate the “Scan” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Use your device’s camera to scan the DuitNow QR code of the recipient. Look for the DuitNow logo on the QR code, which indicates compatibility.

Step 3: Enter the amount you wish to transfer and carefully review the payment details. Once you’re satisfied, tap the “Pay” button to complete the transaction.

Method 2: Enter the Recipient’s ID

Step 1: Launch the BigPay app and tap on the “Transfer” icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Select “DuitNow” as the transfer option and choose the type of identification you want to use for the recipient. Options include mobile number, MyKad number, passport number, army/police number, or business registration number.

Step 3: Enter the recipient’s chosen identification (e.g., mobile number or MyKad number) and confirm their name. Next, input the transfer amount and review the payment details. Once you’re ready, tap “Send” to initiate the transfer.


That’s all there is to it! You’ve now learned how to transfer money from your BigPay app using DuitNow in Malaysia in just three simple steps. This process allows you to enjoy fast, secure, and convenient money transfers, all while reaping the benefits of rewards and savings. Give it a try today and feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

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