Get Unlimited 5G with Unifi’s Wow Plans: Starting at RM35/Month

In a significant stride towards enhancing mobile internet services in Malaysia, Unifi has recently introduced its Uni5G Wow prepaid plans.

These plans not only promise to deliver groundbreaking 5G speeds but also come with a variety of options catering to different user needs, starting from an accessible price of RM10 per week. With these offerings, Unifi is set to redefine the prepaid mobile landscape, providing unmatched value and performance.

Unveiling the Uni5G Wow Plans

Unifi’s Uni5G Wow prepaid plans are a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Tailored to meet the diverse demands of its user base, these plans range from weekly to monthly options, each designed to leverage the full potential of 5G connectivity. Below is a detailed overview of the plans and what they offer:

Plan NameData AllocationAdditional BenefitsPrice
Uni5G Wow 1010GB (Weekly)RM10/week
Uni5G Wow 2530GB (Monthly)Shared data quota for hotspot usageRM25/month
Uni5G Wow 35Unlimited 5G and 4G data (Monthly, FUP 50GB-100GB)10GB of 5G/4G hotspot data, Unlimited calls, Extra 50GB hotspot (limited time)RM35/month

Additional Offers:

  • Pas Larut Malam: Unlimited 5G internet access from 1 AM to 7 AM for new and switching customers.
  • Uni5G Wow UL Larut Malam: Unlimited 4G and 5G data from 1 AM to 7 AM for RM3.
  • Uni5G Wow Hotspot: 55GB of 5G/4G hotspot data for RM55/month.
  • Various add-ons for extended validity, unlimited hotspot usage, extra 5G hotspot quota, and specific app data bundles.

Embracing the Future of Telecommunications

The launch of Uni5G Wow plans comes at a pivotal time when the demand for high-speed internet is at an all-time high.

By offering plans that start as low as RM10 per week, Unifi makes 5G technology accessible to a broader audience, ensuring that more Malaysians can enjoy the benefits of fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

In response to the revised Mandatory Standards for Quality of Service (MSQoS) by MCMC, which mandates an average 4G download speed of at least 7.7Mbps starting April 2024, Unifi has assured its commitment to adhere to these standards.

This commitment underscores the brand’s dedication to maintaining high service quality and reliability, setting a benchmark for other telcos to follow.

A Tailored Experience for Every User

Understanding that different users have varying data needs, Unifi’s Uni5G Wow plans come with a range of add-ons, including extended validity, unlimited hotspot usage, and extra data quotas for popular apps like YouTube and TikTok.

This flexibility allows users to customize their mobile experience according to their personal or professional requirements.

A Call to Action

Unifi’s introduction of the Uni5G Wow prepaid plans marks a new era in mobile internet services in Malaysia. With its competitive pricing, diverse plan options, and commitment to adhering to regulatory standards, Unifi is poised to meet the growing demands of its customers.

For those interested in taking their mobile internet experience to the next level, Unifi’s Uni5G Wow plans offer a compelling choice.

For more information or to subscribe to the Uni5G Wow prepaid plans, visit Unifi’s official website today. Experience the power of 5G and transform your mobile connectivity with Unifi.

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