What You Need to Know About the New CelcomDigi Logo

CelcomDigi, the merged entity of Celcom and Digi, has recently introduced its new corporate logo, marking a significant change from the previous blue and yellow sphere that had been in use since December 2022. The fresh logo design features a butterfly-like shape that also resembles the letters “D” and “C,” serving as a symbol of the integration of the two renowned brands and their unwavering commitment to innovation and digitalization.

Why Did CelcomDigi Change Its Logo?

CelcomDigi’s CEO, Datuk Idham Nawawi, emphasized that the new logo represents more than just a visual transformation; it signifies a bold new chapter for their customers, the nation, and their employees. He explained that the new logo embodies the brand’s spirit of “Creating a world inspired by you” and encapsulates three core principles: dynamism, a strong customer focus, and a commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, CelcomDigi aspires to establish itself as an innovation icon for the nation. With its scale and resources, the company aims to become the driving force behind the nation’s digital growth, nurturing local talents, fostering the local digital ecosystem, and delivering top-notch solutions, offers, and experiences to its customers. In the age of “digital-everything,” CelcomDigi aims to be a brand that customers can trust and rely on.

What Does the New Logo Mean for Consumers?

At present, there are no major changes for consumers, as CelcomDigi will continue to maintain the well-recognized Celcom and Digi brands. This means that Celcom and Digi customers will still have access to the respective branded stores and mobile plans, including Celcom (Mega Postpaid, Xpax Prepaid) and Digi (Digi Postpaid, Prepaid Next) plans.

However, all 534 Celcom and Digi stores are now capable of serving both Celcom and Digi customers seamlessly, thanks to the efficient integration of their retail touchpoints and channels. The only “unified” product offering observed so far is CelcomDigi Fibre, a fiber broadband plan that has been streamlined to cater to both Celcom and Digi customers. Following the implementation of the Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing, CelcomDigi has recently adjusted its fiber broadband pricing, with a 100Mbps plan now available for RM99/month.

It remains uncertain whether the Celcom and Digi brands will eventually be streamlined in the future. As of now, both iconic consumer brands will continue to exist as separate entities.

How Can You Stay Updated with CelcomDigi?

If you’re interested in staying informed about CelcomDigi’s new services, solutions, and innovations, you can follow their official website at CelcomDigi or connect with them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Additionally, you can reach out to their customer service by dialing 1111 from your Celcom or Digi number or by calling 019-601 1111 from other networks.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the new CelcomDigi logo and its implications for you as a consumer. Stay tuned for more news and updates from CelcomDigi!


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