how to top up prepaid credit using digi celcoms bigpay app

5 Easy Steps to Top Up Prepaid Credit Using Digi Celcom’s BigPay App in Malaysia

If you’re a Digi Celcom user in Malaysia and you’re looking for a convenient way to top up your prepaid credit, you can use the BigPay app to do so quickly and easily. BigPay offers various financial services, including prepaid credit top-ups, and it can save you time and effort. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the five easy steps to top up your prepaid credit using the BigPay app.

Step 1: Download and Install the BigPay App

The first step is to download the BigPay app on your mobile device. You can find the app on both the Google Play Store (for Android) and the Apple App Store (for iOS). Download and install the app, and then proceed to sign up or log in to your BigPay account.

Step 2: Access the “Top Up” Feature

After logging in to your BigPay account, you’ll be greeted by the app’s home screen. Look for the “Top Up” feature or icon, which is usually prominently displayed. Tap on it to begin the top-up process.

Step 3: Select Your Telecom Provider (Digi Celcom)

In the “Top Up” section, you’ll typically have the option to choose your telecom provider. Since you’re topping up your Digi Celcom prepaid credit, select Digi Celcom from the list of available providers.

Step 4: Enter Your Digi Celcom Number and Top-Up Amount

Once you’ve selected Digi Celcom, you’ll need to enter your Digi Celcom prepaid mobile number. Double-check that you’ve entered it correctly, as any errors could result in a failed top-up.

Next, choose the top-up amount you want to purchase. Most apps offer a range of options, such as RM10, RM20, RM30, and so on. Select the amount that suits your needs.

Step 5: Confirm and Complete the Payment

After entering your Digi Celcom number and the top-up amount, the app will provide you with a summary of your transaction, including the total amount to be paid and any fees (if applicable). Review this information to ensure accuracy.

To complete the payment, you’ll need to choose your preferred payment method. In most cases, you can use your BigPay balance or link a debit/credit card to your BigPay account for payment.

Once you’ve selected your payment method, confirm the payment by entering your 6-digit PIN or using any other security features provided by the app.

Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation message on the app, and your Digi Celcom prepaid credit will be topped up immediately. You can check your new balance by using the MyDigi app or by dialing *126#.

Additionally, some apps may offer rewards or cashback for using their services for top-ups, so be sure to check for any available promotions or benefits.

That’s it! You’ve successfully topped up your Digi Celcom prepaid credit using the BigPay app in Malaysia. Enjoy your mobile services with your newly added credit.

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