how to print public bank e statement online

5 Simple Ways to Print Your Public Bank E-Statement Online

Do you need to print your Public Bank e-statement in Malaysia? This article will guide you through five easy methods to download and print your e-statement from Public Bank.

What is a Public Bank E-Statement?

A Public Bank e-statement is a digital PDF document that displays your monthly account balance and transactions for various accounts, such as current, savings, fixed deposit, credit card, and more. You can access, view, and print this statement conveniently using Adobe PDF reader.

Why Use Public Bank E-Statement?

There are several advantages to using Public Bank e-statements:

  • It’s free and environmentally friendly.
  • You can access it securely at any time and from anywhere.
  • It’s quicker and more convenient than waiting for paper statements.
  • It helps you manage your finances by tracking your account activity.
  • It reduces the risk of losing paper statements.

How to Print Public Bank E-Statement Online in Malaysia

Here are five easy ways to print your Public Bank e-statement online:

Method 1: Print from PBe Website

  1. Visit the PBe website at
  2. Log in using your user ID and password.
  3. Go to “Account” > “Statement.”
  4. Click on “E-Statement” and select your account.
  5. Choose the statement date you want to view.
  6. Download and save the PDF.
  7. Open the PDF and click the print icon (or press Ctrl+P) to print.

Method 2: Print from PBe Mobile App

  1. Download and install the PBe mobile app from your app store.
  2. Log in with your user ID and password.
  3. Tap “Account” > “E-Statement.”
  4. Download the desired statement.
  5. Open the PDF with a PDF reader app.
  6. Use the app’s “Print” or sharing feature to send it to your printer.

Method 3: Print from PB Enterprise Website

  1. Visit the PB enterprise website at
  2. Log in with your enterprise credentials.
  3. Navigate to “Account Services” > “E-Statement.”
  4. Select your account and the statement date.
  5. Download and save the PDF.
  6. Open it and click the print icon (or press Ctrl+P) to print.

Method 4: Print from Email

  1. Check your email for an email from Public Bank titled “Your E-Statement is ready.”
  2. Open the email and follow the provided link.
  3. Log in to PBe.
  4. Follow the steps in Method 1 to download and print your e-statement.

Method 5: Print at a Public Bank Branch

  1. Visit a nearby Public Bank branch.
  2. Bring your identification card and account number.
  3. Request a printout of your e-statement from a customer service officer.
  4. Pay a nominal fee for the printing service.


Printing your Public Bank e-statement online in Malaysia is straightforward and convenient. Choose the method that suits your needs and preferences. By using e-statements, you can save time, reduce paper usage, and better manage your finances.

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