5 Ways to Delete Your WeChat Account in Malaysia (2023 Update)

If you’re a WeChat user in Malaysia and wish to delete your account, it’s important to understand that deleting your WeChat account is a permanent action, and your data cannot be recovered. Here are five methods to delete your WeChat account in Malaysia, along with their pros and cons:

Method 1: Request Account Deletion Within the WeChat App

This is the official method recommended by WeChat for deleting your account. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the WeChat app and log in to your account.
  2. Go to “Me” > “Settings” > “Account Security” > “WeChat Security Center” > “Account Cancellation.”
  3. Read the Important Notice carefully, and then tap “Next.”
  4. Enter your account password and tap “Next” to confirm your identity.
  5. Your account deletion request will be submitted, and you will be logged out of WeChat.


  • This is the official method recommended by WeChat.
  • Your account data will be permanently deleted after 60 days.
  • Your WeChat ID cannot be used again.


  • You need access to your WeChat account and password.
  • You may encounter errors or issues during the deletion process.
  • It takes 60 days for your account to be completely deleted.
  • You may lose access to services linked to your WeChat account, such as WeChat Pay, Mini Programs, and Official Accounts.

Method 2: Cancel Your WeChat Pay Account

If you have a WeChat Pay account linked to your WeChat, you must cancel it first. Here’s how:

  1. Open WeChat and log in to your account.
  2. Go to “Me” > “WeChat Pay.”
  3. Tap the three dots (menu) in the top-right corner and select “WeChat Pay Cancellation.”
  4. Follow the instructions to cancel your WeChat Pay account.


  • This method is necessary if you have a WeChat Pay account linked to your WeChat.
  • Your card holder profile, transaction history, and balance details will be cleared.


  • You need access to your WeChat account and password.
  • You may lose money or benefits associated with your WeChat Pay account.

Method 3: Contact WeChat Customer Service via Email

If you encounter issues with the above methods, you can try contacting WeChat customer service via email. Send an email to support@wechat.com with the subject “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” and provide your WeChat ID, phone number, country code, and a brief explanation of your request. However, there’s no guarantee that they will respond or grant your request.


  • This is an alternative method if the official methods don’t work.
  • You might receive a faster response through email.


  • This method is not official and relies on the discretion of customer service.
  • You may not receive a response, or your request may be rejected.
  • You may need to provide personal information or verification documents.

Method 4: Uninstall the WeChat App

If you’re not concerned about deleting your account permanently but want to stop using the app on your device, you can uninstall it. Keep in mind that this won’t delete your account; it will only remove the app from your device.


  • This method is quick and straightforward.
  • You can free up storage space and battery life on your device.


  • Your account and data will remain on WeChat servers.
  • You can still log in from another device or browser.
  • You may still receive notifications or messages.

Method 5: Stop Using the WeChat App

If you’re not interested in actively deleting your account and don’t want to use WeChat anymore, you can simply stop using the app. Log out of your account and ignore it.


  • This method is effortless.
  • You can keep your account and data if you change your mind later.


  • Your account and data will remain on WeChat servers.
  • Privacy and security risks associated with your account may persist.
  • You may still be affected by WeChat policies and regulations.

Before proceeding with any method, make sure to back up or transfer any important data or contacts you want to keep. Also, inform your friends and contacts that you’ll no longer be using WeChat and provide alternative ways to stay in touch.

If you’re considering switching to a different messaging app, options like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and LINE offer various features and levels of privacy to suit your needs. Make an informed choice based on your preferences and requirements.

Remember that deleting your WeChat account is a significant decision, and once done, it cannot be undone. Choose the method that aligns with your goals and needs regarding your WeChat account in Malaysia.

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