check aeon credit motorcycle loan balance

Easily Check AEON Credit Motorcycle Loan Balance and Save

If you’ve taken a motorcycle loan from AEON Credit Service Malaysia and want to know your remaining balance, follow these five straightforward steps. Knowing your balance can help you budget, reduce interest costs, and avoid late fees.

Step 1: Register for AEON Online Service

Start by registering for AEON Online Service, a free and convenient way to access your account info. You’ll need your AEON Credit Card number or HP Account number and your IC number. Here’s how to register:

Step 2: Log in to AEON Online Service

Next, log in to AEON Online Service using your username and password:

Step 3: Select Your Motorcycle Loan Account

Once logged in, you’ll see a dashboard with various options. To check your motorcycle loan balance, select your loan account:

  • Click “Account Summary”
  • Use the drop-down menu next to “Select Account” to pick your motorcycle loan account number

Step 4: View Your Motorcycle Loan Balance

After selecting your motorcycle loan account, you’ll see a summary of account details, including the loan amount, interest rate, monthly installment, due date, and outstanding balance. To find your balance:

  • Click “Account Details”
  • Scroll down to the “Outstanding Balance” section
  • Check the amount next to “Principal Outstanding”

Step 5: Download or Print Your Statement

If you want a record of your motorcycle loan balance, download or print your statement through AEON Online Service. Alternatively, call AEON Customer Care Centre at 03-2719 9999 for a hard copy. Here’s how to download or print your statement:

  • Click “Statement”
  • Choose the statement period you want
  • Click “Download” or “Print”

That’s it! You’ve successfully checked your AEON Credit motorcycle loan balance in five easy steps. Now, you can manage your loan effectively and save on interest.

Tips to Pay Off Your Motorcycle Loan Faster

To pay off your motorcycle loan faster and save on interest, consider these tips:

  • Pay more than the minimum monthly installment, especially when you have extra cash like bonuses, tax refunds, or savings.
  • Make bi-weekly payments instead of monthly ones to make 26 payments a year instead of 12, reducing your loan tenure and interest charges.
  • Explore refinancing options for a lower interest rate. Compare lenders to find a better rate than AEON Credit, and apply for a refinancing loan to reduce your monthly installment and interest costs.

By following these tips, you can accelerate your motorcycle loan payoff and save money in the long run.


We hope this guide has made checking your AEON Credit motorcycle loan balance easy. Knowing your balance allows you to budget effectively, minimize interest expenses, and avoid late fees. If you have questions or feedback, please leave a comment or contact us at We’re here to assist you. Thanks for reading, and ride safely!






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