How to Locate the Nearest Lazada Drop Off Point in Malaysia

If you’re a Lazada seller or shopper in Malaysia, you might be wondering how to easily find the nearest drop off point for your Lazada parcels. Drop off points are convenient locations where you can deposit your outgoing packages or collect your incoming orders. They offer a swift and secure way to manage your online shopping needs.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of locating the nearest Lazada drop off point in Malaysia and highlight the benefits of using them.

What is a Drop Off Point (DOP)?

A drop off point (DOP) serves as a designated location where Lazada sellers can deposit their packages, which will then be handled and delivered by Lazada’s trusted logistics partners. Typically found in places like convenience stores, petrol stations, and pharmacies, DOPs offer several advantages, including time and cost savings on shipping fees, as well as quicker and more dependable delivery services.

A collection point (CP), on the other hand, allows Lazada buyers to personally pick up their orders instead of having them delivered to their home or office. CPs are also situated at various retail outlets, providing buyers with added flexibility and convenience. Shoppers can select their preferred CP when placing their orders on Lazada and receive a notification when their items are ready for collection.

How to Find the Nearest Lazada Drop Off Point in Malaysia


Discovering the nearest Lazada drop off point in Malaysia is a straightforward process, and you have two convenient options:

  1. Interactive Map: You can utilize the interactive map available on the website This map is continuously updated in real-time, providing the latest information on DOPs and CPs. Simply input your address or location to pinpoint the nearest DOP or CP, and access details such as opening hours and contact information.
  2. Pickmee App: The Pickmee app, available for Android devices and web browsers, streamlines order and shipment management for Lazada sellers. This app allows you to scan your packages, generate labels, track your shipments, and locate the nearest DOP. You can download Pickmee from the Google Play Store or access it via

Why Opt for a Drop Off Point for Lazada?

Utilizing a Lazada drop off point offers numerous benefits for both sellers and buyers, including:

  • Cost and Time Savings: Dropping off your packages at a DOP can lead to reduced shipping costs compared to using your own courier service. It also saves time by circumventing traffic congestion and waiting for courier pickups.
  • Reliable and Swift Delivery: Entrusting your packages to Lazada’s established logistics partners ensures dependable and swift delivery. These partners possess extensive experience and networks for efficiently delivering online orders. You can also track your shipments through Pickmee or Lazada Seller Center and receive notifications upon delivery or when items are ready for collection.
  • Enhanced Convenience and Flexibility: For sellers, DOPs offer a straightforward way to manage packages, and for buyers, collection points provide flexibility in choosing where and when to retrieve their orders. This reduces the risk of missed deliveries or returns due to incorrect addresses or unavailability.


Lazada drop off points are an excellent solution for efficiently managing your online shopping on the platform, whether you’re a seller or a buyer.

Regardless of your role, finding the nearest Lazada drop off point in Malaysia is a breeze, thanks to the interactive map and the Pickmee app. Leveraging drop off points enables you to enjoy cost savings, faster and more reliable delivery services, and added convenience for your customers.

We trust that this guide has helped you understand how to locate the nearest Lazada drop off point in Malaysia. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact Lazada at Happy shopping!

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