U Mobile’s Unmatched Prepaid Plans: Unleash the Power of 5G

In the digital era where connectivity is as essential as the air we breathe, U Mobile emerges as a beacon of innovation with its prepaid plans, offering a seamless 5G experience that caters to the diverse needs of Malaysians.

With a spectrum of plans designed to provide unparalleled value, speed, and flexibility, U Mobile’s prepaid offerings ensure that you stay connected with the world at your own pace and preference.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle: U Mobile Prepaid Plans

PlanPrice (RM/month)What You GetExtras
Prepaid U2525Unlimited Data (FUP 30GB)
Unlimited Calls (All Networks)
3Mbps Speed
30 Hrs 5G/4G Speed Booster
Prepaid U3535Unlimited Data (FUP 200GB)
Unlimited Calls (All Networks
6Mbps Speed
3GB Hotspot Data
Unlimited 5G Weekends
Prepaid U4040Unlimited Data (FUP 200GB
Unlimited Calls (All Networks
6Mbps Speed
Unlimited Hotspot Data
Unlimited 5G Weekends
Prepaid U5050Unlimited Data (FUP 200GB
Unlimited Calls (All Networks
12Mbps Speed
Unlimited Hotspot Data
Unlimited 5G Weekends

The Daily Dynamo: Prepaid U25

For those who crave daily bursts of speed, the Prepaid U25 plan comes at an affordable RM 25 per month. This plan is the quintessence of practicality, featuring unlimited data with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 30GB and consistent speeds of 3Mbps.

The unlimited call feature across all networks makes it a perfect choice for avid conversationalists. Furthermore, the daily speed booster offers a full hour of accelerated 4G/5G speed every day, ensuring you can enjoy high-speed internet when you need it the most.

The Weekend Warrior: Prepaid U35

Marked as the Best Seller, the Prepaid U35 at RM 35 per month is a crowd-pleaser. It is built for the weekend adventurers who yearn for unlimited 5G experiences during their leisure time. With a generous FUP of 200GB and a speed of 6Mbps, it meets the demands of heavy streamers and surfers.

The plan also includes 3GB of mobile hotspot data, allowing for sharing of the internet with other devices, making it ideal for the connected nomad.

The Hotspot Haven: Prepaid U40

At RM 40 per month, the Prepaid U40 is a sanctuary for hotspot users. It mirrors the U35’s data and call provisions but takes it up a notch by offering unlimited mobile hotspot data. This plan is tailored for those who frequently tether multiple devices, ensuring they remain online without any restrictions, all through the week and with the added bonus of unlimited 5G on weekends.

The Speed Maestro: Prepaid U50

Introducing the Prepaid U50—the new contender on the block at RM 50 per month, offering a double dosage of speed at 12Mbps. This plan is a haven for the data-hungry users who also enjoy unlimited data with a FUP of 200GB.

Coupled with unrestricted calls and mobile hotspot usage, it is the ultimate package for the high-speed aficionado, complete with uncapped 5G/4G speed on weekends.

Beyond the Basics: High-Speed and Hotspot Add-Ons

U Mobile understands the need for flexibility, which is why it offers a range of add-ons. Whether it’s a 24-hour speed booster for a quick download session or a month-long hotspot for continuous connectivity, there’s an add-on tailored for every situation. These can be easily purchased through the MyUMobile app, putting control directly in the user’s hands.

Frequently Asked Questions Unveiled

U Mobile addresses common queries upfront, clarifying that the unlimited calls are strictly for domestic use, and the Speed Booster can be redeemed daily for an hour of enhanced network performance. Hotspot Add-Ons are also explained in detail, offering users the ability to share their connection on-the-go.

How to Activate: A Step-by-Step Guide

Activating add-ons is a breeze with U Mobile. The MyUMobile app and the UMB dial-in service offer straightforward paths to enhancing your prepaid plans. A sufficient balance and an active plan are the tickets to unlocking these additional features.


U Mobile’s prepaid plans are a testament to its commitment to providing the Malaysian community with flexible, high-value connectivity solutions. From daily speed enthusiasts to weekend binge-watchers and hotspot heavy-users, there’s a U Mobile prepaid plan designed to keep you online in the fast lane.

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