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Pizza Hut is a popular pizza chain that was first established in Malaysia in 1982. With over 428 restaurants in Malaysia and Singapore, it is the largest pizza chain in the region.

The company is known for its motto “Easy” and “Better”, which reflects its focus on providing easy and convenient ordering options and delivering high-quality products and experiences.

Pizza Hut offers both dine-in and delivery options, and has implemented strict food safety and hygiene measures, including increased cleaning and sanitization, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company aims to provide delicious, oven-baked pizzas that customers can enjoy with friends and family, and offers a range of options including Supreme and Pepperoni pizzas.

Pizza Hut Delivery Hotline / Call Center:

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3 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Delivery Customer Service”

  1. Selamat petang, di sini saya mahu buat complaint pasal staff yang menjual pizza dari rumah ke rumah area sri taman sandakan sabah petang tadi,please be alert kamu punya staff main bola sampai terkena cermin tingkap rumah saya,bukan minta maaf malah kurang ajar lagi sudah buat kesalahan. Tolong lah be nice sikit bila melakukan kerja bukan main bola sampai kena cermin rumah orang. Bukan sudah menjual pizza tu,bermain bola sudah. Bukan minta maaf berkurang ajar lagi. Please brief sikit staff kamu.

  2. Hi on 21/7/2023, there double deduction payment for my 1 order. I have called the customer care, they have advise I will receive by 14 working days. Yet, I haven’t receive my refund. Kindly please refund my double payment. Thank you.

    Order ID: 2307212055426
    Date/Time: 21-07-2023 22:01:37 PM
    Transaction ID: 1628320093
    Amount Paid: RM 46.20
    Payment Method: FPX
    Product Description: Payment For Order #2307212055426

    Rani 01662150825

  3. Pizza Hut has no proper rules for restaurant managers and managers suka2 hati buang orng suka2 hati minta jngn turun keje all buat ikut kepala sendiri je this is how u guy manage a company with uneducated people to be come restaurants manager especially the maluri outlets miss Thurga omg betul2 Xde ikut rules company behave like her own shop pls Pizza Hut teach them to respect employees not treat like dog …


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