how to change electricity bill account name online

How to Change Your Electricity Bill Account Name Online in Malaysia in 5 Easy Steps

If you’ve recently moved to a new house or experienced a change in your name in Malaysia, it’s important to update your electricity bill account name with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), the main electricity provider in the country. This ensures that the billing and responsibility for electricity usage are correctly attributed. Here are the steps to change your electricity bill account name online:

Step 1: Visit TNB’s Website

  1. Go to the official TNB website:
  2. Look for the “Residential” section or navigate to the “My TNB Account” page. Under “Other Services,” you should find an option related to changing the account name or “Change of Tenancy.” Click on it.

Step 2: Obtain the Required Documents

Before you proceed with the online application, ensure that you have the necessary documents ready. You will typically need:

  • Copy of your identification document (IC, passport, etc.).
  • Copy of the previous account owner’s identification document.
  • Copy of the sales and purchase agreement, tenancy agreement, or a letter of consent from the previous account owner.
  • Copy of the latest electricity bill.

Step 3: Fill Out the Application Form

  1. Download the electricity application form provided on the TNB website. You may have the option to choose between forms in Malay and English.
  2. Complete the application form with accurate information. Be sure to include your new account details and the previous account owner’s information.

Step 4: Submit the Application

You have several options for submitting your application:

  • Online Submission: Some utility providers offer online portals for submitting applications. Check if TNB has an online submission portal on their website.
  • Email: Send a scanned copy or clear photos of the completed application form and all required documents to TNB’s designated email address for account changes. The email address should be provided on TNB’s website.
  • In-Person: Visit any TNB customer service center or Kedai Tenaga (TNB retail outlet) near you to submit your application and documents in person.

Step 5: Pay the Fees and Deposit

Once TNB processes your application, they will inform you of any fees and deposits that need to be paid. These may include:

  • RM10 for stamp duty.
  • Reconnection fee (RM3 for low voltage or RM80 for medium or high voltage).
  • Additional deposit (if required).

You can make these payments through various channels, including TNB’s e-Payment portal, online banking, ATM machines, or over-the-counter at selected banks and payment centers.

Important Note:

After successfully changing the account name and settling all fees and deposits, TNB will update your account information. You will receive future electricity bills with the updated account holder’s name in the next billing cycle.

For specific details, fees, and any updates to the process, it’s recommended to refer to TNB’s official website or contact their customer service hotline at 1-300-88-5454.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the process of changing your electricity bill account name online in Malaysia, ensuring that your billing information is accurate and up-to-date.





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