How to Increase Your Maybank2u Transfer Limit in 5 Easy Steps

Are you a Maybank2u user looking to expand your online money transfer capabilities? Whether it’s for sizeable purchases, family support, or investments, you may find the default transfer limit insufficient for your needs.

Fortunately, you can adjust your Maybank2u transfer limit with a few simple steps. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process in five easy steps, and I’ll also share essential tips for ensuring the security of your online banking.

What is the Default Transfer Limit on Maybank2u?

By default, Maybank2u has set a transfer limit of RM50,000 per day for transactions within Maybank and RM30,000 per day for transactions to other banks. However, these limits can vary depending on your account type and the nature of the transaction.

For instance, if you have a business account, you might be able to transfer up to RM100,000 per day to third parties and other banks. When using DuitNow, you can transfer up to RM50,000 per day to individuals and up to RM100,000 per day to businesses. To view your current transfer limit, log in to Maybank2u, and go to Settings > Pay & Transfer > Transfer Limit.

How to Change Your Transfer Limit on Maybank2u?

If you wish to modify your transfer limit, whether to increase or decrease it, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Log in to your Maybank2u account via
  2. Click on Settings located in the top right corner.
  3. Go to the Pay & Transfer tab, then select Transfer Limit.
  4. Identify the transfer type you want to adjust by clicking the pencil icon next to it.
  5. Choose your new transfer limit from the preset amounts or enter a custom amount within the permitted range. For example, if you want to increase your third-party transfer limit within Maybank, you can select from options like RM50,000, RM100,000, RM150,000, or specify any amount up to RM200,000.
  6. After selecting your new limit, click Save Changes. If your new transfer limit is higher than your current limit, you’ll need to verify the change with Secure2u.

Secure2u is a security feature that allows you to confirm transactions using your mobile phone. You’ll receive a notification on your phone containing the transaction details and a 6-digit code. Enter this code on Maybank2u to validate the change.

Your transfer limit has now been successfully updated, enabling you to conduct larger online transfers using Maybank2u.

How to Ensure the Security of Your Online Banking?

Modifying your transfer limit may raise security concerns, especially if your Maybank2u account becomes compromised. To maintain the security of your online banking, follow these crucial tips:

  • Never Share Credentials: Never disclose your username, password, or TAC number to anyone.
  • Log Out Securely: Always log out from Maybank2u after completing transactions.
  • Use Strong Passwords: Employ robust and difficult-to-guess passwords, and update them regularly.
  • Avoid Public Computers and Networks: Refrain from using public computers or networks for accessing Maybank2u.
  • Install Antivirus Software: Install antivirus software and keep it updated.
  • Watch Out for Phishing: Be cautious of phishing emails or calls that request your personal or banking information.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: Promptly report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions to Maybank.


Changing your transfer limit on Maybank2u is a straightforward process that can enhance your online money transfer capabilities.

You can perform this adjustment at your convenience, either on your computer or mobile device. However, maintaining online banking security is of paramount importance. Always scrutinize transaction details before confirming, and take measures to safeguard your online banking access.

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