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How to Update Your Agrobank Phone Number Online in Malaysia

If you are an Agrobank customer, you might need to update your phone number for online banking transactions. Your phone number is used to receive Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) which is required for certain online transactions via Agronet. You might want to change your phone number if you have lost your SIM card, switched to a new number, or want to use a different number for security reasons.

There are two ways to update your phone number for Agrobank online banking: online or offline. Here are the steps for each method:

Online Method

  1. Log in to your Agronet account at
  2. Click on “Profile” and then “Update Mobile Number”
  3. Enter your new phone number and click “Submit”
  4. You will receive a TAC on your new phone number. Enter the TAC and click “Confirm”
  5. Your phone number is updated successfully

Offline Method

  1. Visit any Agrobank branch near you
  2. Fill in the “Change of Contact Details” form
  3. Provide your identification document and your new phone number
  4. The bank officer will verify your details and update your phone number
  5. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your new phone number

If you face any problems or do not receive the TAC after updating your phone number, you can contact the customer service at 1 300 88 2476.

Why You Need to Update Your Phone Number

Updating your phone number for Agrobank online banking is important for several reasons:

  • You need to register your own phone number for TAC purposes
  • You should not register someone else’s phone number as it might compromise your security
  • TAC is needed for online banking transactions as an additional layer of protection
  • You need TAC from the bank to transfer money, pay bills, reload prepaid, and more
  • TAC also helps to prevent unauthorized access to your account

For more information, you can visit the official website of Agrobank at


Updating your phone number for Agrobank online banking is easy and convenient. You can do it online or offline, depending on your preference. By updating your phone number, you can enjoy the benefits of online banking transactions with peace of mind.

We hope this article has helped you to learn how to update your phone number for Agrobank online banking in Malaysia. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.






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