how to pay coway online using jompay bank islam

5 Simple Steps to Pay Your Coway Bill Online with JomPAY Bank Islam

Coway, a top brand for water and air purifiers and other home appliances in Malaysia, offers a convenient way to pay your monthly bill online using JomPAY Bank Islam. JomPAY is a national program that lets you pay bills from any bank in Malaysia using Internet or Mobile Banking, ensuring speed, convenience, and security.

Here’s a guide on how to make your Coway bill payment online with JomPAY Bank Islam in just five straightforward steps. You can also watch a video tutorial for further assistance: [Insert Video Link Here].

Step 1: Log into Bank Islam Internet Banking

Start by logging into your Bank Islam Internet Banking account. Visit [Insert Bank Islam Website Link] and click “Internet Banking Login.” Enter your username and then click “Login.” Next, provide your password and click “Login” again.

Step 2: Choose JomPAY Payment

Now, select JomPAY as your payment method. Click on “Payment/Services,” then choose “JomPAY.” After that, click on “Payment (JomPAY).”

Step 3: Input JomPAY Biller Code and Reference Number

You’ll need to enter the JomPAY biller code and reference number for Coway. Find this information on your Coway bill or invoice. Coway’s biller code is 3608, while the reference number should be your Coway customer ID or contract number.

Enter these details in the provided fields. Then, specify the payment amount and choose the account you want to use for the transaction.

Step 4: Verify Payment Details

Before proceeding with the payment, review the payment details. Ensure that the biller’s name is “Coway (M) Sdn Bhd,” the reference number is correct, and the payment amount is accurate. Click “Request TAC” to receive a transaction authorization code (TAC) on your registered mobile phone number.

Step 5: Enter TAC and Complete Payment

Finally, input the TAC you received and click “Confirm” to finalize the payment. You’ll see a confirmation message on the screen and receive an email notification from Bank Islam. You can also review your payment history under “Transaction History.”

Congratulations! You’ve successfully paid your Coway bill online using JomPAY Bank Islam in just five easy steps. This method works for paying any other bills that accept JomPAY as well.






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