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Perodua is a Malaysian automotive company that was established in 1993. Its main goal is to provide complete mobility to Malaysians through practical and high-value products and services.

Perodua’s product portfolio includes vehicle manufacturing, research and development, sales, after-sales, body and paint repair, and pre-owned vehicles. The company works to improve the entire Malaysian automotive ecosystem, including suppliers, dealers, and business partners, through its Perodua Smart Build blueprint.

This includes full product development, establishment of a first-class working culture, and first-class thinking. Perodua is also Malaysia’s first and largest Energy-Efficient Vehicle (EEV) manufacturer, having produced and sold over a million EEVs.

As of December 2021, Perodua has sold over 4 million vehicles and employs approximately 11,500 people, with an estimated total of 70,000 including suppliers and official dealers.

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6 thoughts on “Perodua Customer Service”

  1. Dear Dairector Produa.
    Permasalahan sering berlaku kepada Oil filter Produa Myvi iaitu kebocoran (leaking). Harap pihak Engineering tuan dapat mengkaji punca permasalahan.

  2. I have my Perodua Bezza PPY1238 service at Bakateam Sdn Bhd, Jalan Klang Lama, on 11/10/2023. Service advisor Mohamad Zulhilmi Bin Zainal Abidin never informed me about tyre alignment and balancing. He asked to sign the service to be performed; he only informed me of a few items; some items I asked him to delete, but I did not check the item by item on the computer carefully and just signed. When I made the payment, I saw that the alignment plus balancing cost RM60++.

    When asked why he never informed me about alignment and balancing, he said he had already told me before. If he told me about alignment and balancing, for sure I would ask him to delete it. This guy is dishonest or mislead customers, and I consider he wants to cheat me because my car plate is Penang and I perform service maintenance at KL.

  3. Pernah suatu hari..kereta x boleh startt..esok awal pagi ke produa servis katanya
    1.battery sudah x boleh guna
    AKu datang awal pagi tapi mereka kata kena tuggu petang .
    Amacam mana la nak tunggu sehingga 7 jam..
    Nak keluar jalan keteta x boleh start..isteti sarat .mengandung..
    Aku ambil keputusan baik beli baru..claim nattery pun susah apa lagi sparpart lain mesti spin habis lpelagai alasan..

    Pihak produa pun kata baik beli baru sambil menhiyakan kata2 ku..

    Saya pun x pasti masuk report ke tidak..itu produa punya kerja

  4. Hi dear Perodua,just wants to make a complain.i have met very bad service staff name Zalina binti zainal at Perodua Plentong Johor Bahru Masai.i wants to buy car and I summited all my my documents as requested by her. I waited for 5 weeks but no reply,no calls from her.i called her she don’t answer.i she do her work,I’m sure she can call me in one week time whether my loan approve or not.if loan not approved by bank atleast she can give me option to choose other model car.which I afford to get.but I totally didn’t receive any answer or calls from her.and she don’t even answer my calls.what kind of service she have to customers?is this how she trained to serve customer?I feel very much disappointed booked car with this kind of LAZY woman.


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